Chow Chow Breed Council
Chow Chow Breed Council

The Chow Chow Breed Council is an association
of all of the 9 UK Breed Clubs

Secretary : Mrs C Merrion
57 Russet Avenue, Needingworth, St. Ives, Cambs PE27 4UE
Tel. 01480 466352 -


Chow Chow Breed Council

Chow Chow Breed Council
Is The Chow Chow The Right Breed For You ?
Buying advices & average price
KC New Dog Breeding Regulation
Eastern European smuggled Chow Chow puppies
The Chow Chow Breed Standard
Update on High Profile List
Official Colours
Unregistered Colours
Chocolate Chow (written in 1964)
Chow Books

Chow Chow Breed Council
Code Of Ethics
Members Breed Clubs

Chow Chow Breed Council
Health seminars held by the BC
The Health of the Chow Chow
Health Test Results
The Chow Chow Health Scheme
The Chow Chow Bronze Health Scheme
The Chow Chow Silver Health Scheme
Health & cause of death report form
2022 Health report
2021 Health report
Breed Health and Conservation Plan

Chow Chow Breed Council
2024 Judges Lists
A2 Judges List Procecure
Chow Judging Training Scheme Application Form
Kennel Club Breed Watch Health Monitoring
Hints on Stewarding
Judges Update
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Chow Chow Breed Council
U.K. Show / Event Calendar in 2024
Championship Show Schedules & Results (2024)
Championship Show Results (past years)

Chow Chow Breed Council
UK Champions
(hosted by the Chow Chow Club)
Cruft's winners
(hosted by the North Eastern Chow Chow Club)
COTYS winners
(hosted by the National Chow Chow Club)
KCSB entries
(hosted by the Chow Chow Club)
History makers
(hosted by the North Eastern Chow Chow Club)

*** NEW ***
Breeder list
is now available

click here if you want to
download the
application form

To be returned to :
Mrs P Godber (admin)
Tel: 07971 042063

Please contact Sheila Jakeman
Lyneham Lake, Kingham
Chipping Norton, OX7 6 UJ
Tel: 01608 658491

Chow Chow Breed Council

Chow Chow Breed Council

+ P&P (prices as at 1/1/2017) 1st class postage 1.74 / 2nd class 1.58 / Europe 5.15

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